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Jul 10

XILO releases new Cross-Selling Pipeline

Ray M.

We're thrilled to introduce some significant enhancements to our platform. Leading the charge this release? Our 2nd CRM pipeline for cross-selling. This feature, along with others, is designed to help you better manage your customer relationships and make the most of your cross-selling opportunities.

Let's take a closer look at the updates we've made

Cross-selling CRM Pipeline

Our team has been busy creating a second CRM pipeline, tailor-made to streamline your cross-selling efforts. We hope this new functionality will simplify the tracking and optimizing of your cross-selling opportunities.

Import Clients into a Workflow and Pipeline

Building on the cross-selling CRM pipeline, we've added the ability to import clients directly into a pipeline and trigger workflows upon import. We believe these enhancements will further streamline your business processes.

Marketing Analytics

To help you make more data-driven decisions, we've enhanced our marketing analytics. Admin users can now view form conversion performance and filter results by date. We think these tools will provide valuable insights that can shape your marketing strategies.

Fixes to IBQ Integration

User experience is paramount to us, so we've applied important fixes to incidents and coverages mapping for IBQ integration. We're hopeful these improvements will make your interactions with our platform even smoother.

Our latest release is designed to support you on your growth journey. We hope these new features will play a key role in your ongoing success.

Remember, our Customer Success team is here to help you explore and utilize these new features. We're committed to your success and look forward to hearing your feedback on these new features.

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