Release Notes
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Mar 31

October 2019 Release Notes

Jon Corrin
Chief Executive Officer

New Features

Download XILO Lead Data Into Your Acord Forms

Upload any PDF or Acord form into XILO to save as a template. Download pre-filled forms for any client.

Track XILO Form Activity in Google Analytics

Create Google Events based on XILO form activities so you can track in Google Analytics.

New Integrations

We  launched additional integrations so you can easily plug XILO into your existing business systems and workflows:

  • Agency Matrix
  • Agency Software
  • Cabrillo
  • NowCerts
  • QuoteRush
  • TurboRater

Fixes and Enhancements

Single Page Forms

Create single page forms that do not require multiple pages and a progress bar.

Dynamic Email Response for Forms

Customize email responses for each form.

Hidden Value Answer

Now you can submit form information to agency management systems and raters without requiring prospects to complete all form fields. Easily add hidden values to form fields.

Known Issues

Agent Password Reset

Reset password for agents is not working.

Text Color on Simple Forms 'Thank You' Pages

Unable to edit text color.

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