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Dec 12

Announcing new Customer Forms in the works, Canopy Connect link in WF emails, and more XAI updates!

Jon Corrin
Chief Executive Officer

We've started building new and improved Customer Forms to make your client experience even better, the ability to add a Canopy Connect link in your email workflows, and more updates to our XAI Chrome extension!

Let's take a closer look

Get higher conversions with updated and more intuitive customer forms

We're currently working on a new customer form experience that has been tested extensively by our product team and insurance shoppers. Notable improvements include the ability to capture all driver and vehicle information on one page, reducing the length of the form significantly for auto, and improving the experiencing of pulling, verifying, and inputting third party data (data pulls) on to the forms. Both of these improvements will decrease the time it takes your customers to complete the form significantly. Additionally, we improved the form load speed by over 10X so that forms load instantaneously for your customers improving the likelihood they don't bounce from the page. Here's your opportunity to provide feedback on our improvements you'd like us to make as these forms won't be completed until beginning of February.

The convenience of verifying insurance info via your Canopy Connect link in automated workflows

We added the ability for you to add your canopy connect links to any agent on the platform. These links can then be used in automated text and email campaigns via XILO Workflows to your clients. Use cases include sending out a canopy connect link after a client has submitted a preliminary quote request form to gather additional information and sending out a link after an initial quote has been sent a client to help gather their dec page for proof of insurance.

We are currently testing XAI Auto-fill with over 30 of our agency customers

In the last two weeks, we added the ability to open web portals right from the chrome extension, fixed styling issues with California Fair Plan and other portals, added fields for Education, Full Name, and BIPD coverage. We're currently mapped on over 20 web portals and are adding 3 new ones a week. At the moment, we're looking to expand this auto-fill feature to auto-fill commercial lines portals, life and health portals, and benefits portals. If you write with any of these lines, please reach out to be part of our beta program so we can help you reduce duplicate data entry from your quoting process.

As always, our Customer Success team is here to help you explore and utilize new features. We're committed to your success and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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