Release Notes
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Nov 29

Updates to XAI, events for analytics, and more!

Ray M.

We've made updates to XAI auto-fill capabilities, beefed up our ability to track events for analytics and improved security across the platform.

Let's take a closer look

Updates to XAI for better auto-fill capabilities

After last week's announcement of our AI feature we've been hard at work making improvements to the auto-fill feature to work better on other platforms including adding 15 new fillable form pages. We're also constantly updating the UI for a better user experience across the board.

Added new events api to more easily capture and show analytics

As part of our effort to provide better analytics for you and your team, we implemented a new system for capturing and eventually showing events.

Improved api and database security

We implemented new firewalls and network segmentation protocols for all production apis and databases, further tightening security of your data.

As always, our Customer Success team is here to help you explore and utilize the new features. We're committed to your success and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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