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Nov 15

We're excited to announce our new time saving AI feature and more!

Ray M.

We're excited to announce our new AI feature that will save you even more time with manual data entry, 2 new analytics reports are in beta, and agents can now do more in Microsoft Dynamics automatically when a form is submitted!

Let's take a closer look

Reduce Data Entry with AI That Can Auto-fill Web Forms

Introducing XAI (we had this name first) - a suite of AI features we're offering to agents. XAI Auto-fill is our first feature which helps you take all the data you're already collecting on XILO and integrates it directly into any web form. AI helps us map our fields to the web forms you need to enter data into. Our agents are telling us they save at least 50% of the time it takes to enter data into web forms online by using this feature. This feature is currently in alpha. Stay tuned for many more AI features to come!

Track # submissions by agent and # submissions by forms on our new Analytics Page.

We realize we've been lacking on providing you great analytic views to see the performance of your agents, forms, and lead sources. So we're doubling down on creating analytics for you to more easily assess performance. We're starting with the number of submissions for each agent and each form, but we'll be moving more into referral source tracking and form conversions here soon!

Integrate Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities into Dynamics 365

Another feature that's currently in Beta testing is our Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration. Agents can create and update leads, contacts and opportunities in MSD. The "Create" function in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be automatically triggered when a form is submitted on the platform.

As always, our Customer Success team is here to help you explore and utilize new features. We're committed to your success and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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