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Jul 20

The art of execution

Logan Hannah

Finding myself thinking about the market a lot lately...

90% of insurance shoppers are expecting a quote in less than 10 mins 🎯

- Insurance Journal of America 

My POV - the world needs fewer online experiences and just more productive agents

In today’s world of constant change & uncertainty insurance shoppers today have higher expectations when it comes to:

  1. Technology
  2. integration
  3. Personalized Experiences
  4. Transparency
  5. Competitive Prices
  6. Customer Service
  7. Convenience
  8. Accessibility

These expectations make it harder to hold clients' attention, harder to fill your agent's pipeline, harder to close deals, and now just harder to keep your $$ safe.

There are a lot of things outside of our control. So sometimes the best thing is to make your current team that much more efficient and effective. The hardest part isn’t coming up with what to do. It’s just doing it, day in and day out. And when you need to pivot (and you will) be ready to adjust – and keep executing. This consistent action is what will drive results or at least give you enough data / insights to know what’s working and what isn’t.

Don’t slow yourself and your team down by overthinking and over-planning.


Unlocking Revenue Success - Mastering Execution Over Strategy


Welcome to 2023, where revenue leaders face an even greater challenge - Building a sales engine that efficiently delivers on revenue targets.

Consistent execution across every rep and every deal, while delivering reliable forecasts, maximum efficiency, and scalable processes is no easy feat. The standard playbook involves defining a sales process with CRM stages, internal documentation, carrier relations and tools like quote sheets, raters and AMS. Reinforcement through training, coaching, and enablement is also common. Yet, even with all these efforts, reps often miss the mark on crucial deals, causing prospects to slip and forecasts to become unpredictable.

The issue doesn't lie in your overall strategy. It's the execution that needs attention. Enforcing your sales process or methodology consistently across every rep and deal is the hardest piece of the puzzle especially if the current sales process is not consistent, effective and does not use modern technology.

Agents/Sales Reps thrive when there is as little data entry as possible and all they have to do is focus on the relationship while the technology handles the rest.

(Lets face it they're sales people, not IT people) 

- Logan


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