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Jan 16

Automating Data Entry with AI on Insurance Sales Calls

Jon Corrin
Chief Executive Officer

Automating Data Entry with AI on Insurance Sales Calls

When I first engaged with insurance agents, I had a misconception that sales predominantly occurred online, and customer interactions were mainly via email, similar to direct writers. However, I quickly learned that phone conversations are the backbone of many insurance agencies. This realization led XILO to develop features supporting data collection over the phone.

As AI's potential in this area grew, I noticed many tools emerging to assist with summarizing, analyzing sentiment, and tagging key points in phone calls. While some of these tools gained traction, others didn't. The issue, I believe, was their broad approach, trying to cater to a wide range of users with diverse needs.

In contrast, by focusing specifically on the needs of insurance agents, AI can be fine-tuned to significantly enhance their workflows.

AI-Enhanced Data Extraction from Calls

Imagine having a virtual assistant (VA) on every call, adhering to all security best practices, who takes notes, enters data into your AMS, Rater, Carrier Portal, etc., and identifies action items and opportunities in real-time. The challenge with human VAs is the extensive training required for them to perform these tasks effectively. This is where AI steps in.

If properly trained on the specific insurance products you're selling and attuned to the dialect and accent of your region, AI can handle most of the data entry required to service clients effectively. Without this specialized training, AI's performance will be subpar.

However, the future where AI performs these tasks is not far off. Large language models (LLMs) already offer the necessary natural language processing (NLP) capabilities for summarizing calls, extracting action items, and identifying key opportunities. Speech-to-text (STT) technology is increasingly accurate across various accents and dialects, converting audio into text efficiently. Moreover, the technology to fine-tune LLMs for different insurance product lines is already available. This advancement is crucial for extracting data in formats compatible with AMS, Raters, Carrier Portals, and more, further automating the data

entry process.

Real-Time Analysis and Actionable Insights

Beyond basic data entry, AI can analyze conversations in real-time to provide actionable insights. For example, it can detect when a client mentions a life event like a marriage or a home purchase, allowing agents to identify cross-selling opportunities instantly. This capability transforms a routine call into a strategic sales opportunity, without additional effort from the agent.

Enhanced Customer Profiling for Personalized Service

AI can also play a significant role in building detailed customer profiles. By analyzing past interactions, AI can help agents understand clients' preferences, concerns, and history. This information enables agents to offer more personalized and relevant advice, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Automated Follow-Up and Scheduling

Another application is in automating follow-ups and scheduling. AI can identify when a client needs a follow-up call or a meeting and can automatically schedule these in the agent's calendar. This feature ensures that no opportunity for engagement or service is missed.

Security and Compliance Assurance

Incorporating AI into phone systems also brings enhanced security and compliance capabilities. AI can monitor calls for compliance with industry regulations, flagging potential issues for review. This not only ensures adherence to legal standards but also protects both the agency and the clients.


The integration of AI in phone calls is not just a futuristic idea; it's a practical solution that's becoming increasingly accessible. By automating routine tasks, providing real-time insights, and enhancing customer interactions, AI is set to revolutionize how insurance agents work. And for those interested in exploring these innovations further, I invite you to join our community, "AI For Insurance Agents," where we delve deeper into these technologies and their applications in the insurance industry.

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