Auto & Home Quoting with Zywave’s TurboRater


TurboRater, a distinguished product from Zywave, excels as a rater particularly for non-standard auto insurance. XILO, a pioneer in integrating quote data with TurboRater, also extends its capabilities to other Zywave products. The integration primarily focuses on transferring detailed auto and home insurance quote data from XILO Forms into TurboRater, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the quoting process.

How it works

To start using TurboRater with XILO, reach out to Zywave to obtain API access and your unique credentials. After receiving your API Key, our Customer Success Manager will activate the integration for you. When a XILO Form is filled out, an email or dashboard link will provide immediate access to the relevant lead information directly in TurboRater.

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