EZLynx Rater

Auto & Home Insurance Rating with EZLynx


Recognized as a pivotal tool for insurance agencies, the EZLynx Rater stands out as a comprehensive solution encompassing Rater, AMS, and CRM functionalities. XILO proudly bridges the gap between data collection and rate comparison by facilitating a seamless flow of information from our advanced XILO Forms directly to the EZLynx platforms. This integration is engineered to bypass the need for third-party tools like Zapier, offering a more robust data transfer capability that fully leverages our licensed access to the EZLynx ecosystem.

How it works

Activate the full potential of the EZLynx Rater by integrating it with XILO. Begin by entrusting an EZLynx username to our secure credentials locker. Subsequently, a designated Customer Success Manager from XILO will liaise with EZLynx on your behalf. Post-approval, typically within a 24-hour window, your agency will be empowered to transfer intricate quoting data directly into the EZLynx Rater system, streamlining your operations.

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