Keap (InfusionSoft)

Easy CRM Integration for Insurers


Keap, known previously as InfusionSoft, is a versatile CRM platform embraced by insurance agents despite its broader market appeal. XILO enhances Keap's functionality for the insurance industry, ensuring that data from XILO Forms is smoothly transitioned into Keap. Not just that, we offer the ability to trigger Keap's powerful automations directly from XILO or through Zapier for added efficiency.

How it works

Linking Keap with XILO is a straightforward affair. Begin by activating the integration within our API settings. Next, use the 'Login with Keap' feature to authorize XILO's access to your Keap account. Upon submission of a XILO Form, all contact details will be automatically updated in Keap, keeping your CRM data current without manual input.

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