Efficient Management with AMS360


AMS360, a hallmark of the insurance industry, is one of Vertafore’s flagship AMS products. XILO’s integration extends not only to AMS360 but also to other Vertafore rating and AMS solutions. This integration is primarily focused on transferring basic applicant information from XILO Forms into AMS360, thereby enhancing data accuracy and workflow efficiency.

How it works

Connecting XILO with AMS360 involves a few setup steps within your AMS360 system using the Web Services API. Once set up, a username and password are created for integration activation by your Customer Success Manager. It’s essential to specify the AMS360 Division, Group, Branch, Department, Account Rep, and Executive for tailored integration. Post XILO Form submission, the data seamlessly integrates into AMS360, where you can easily locate the client information within the system.

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