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Close more clients with automations tailored to your sales processes

Help your agents focus on more revenue generating tasks by automatically sending text and email campaigns to your clients

How it works

Create automated campaigns to communicate with your Clients

Your Customer Success Manager and our Service Team will help you build text and email campaigns tailored to your sales process. With our customizable campaign builder, you can build virtually any text and email campaign based on a variety of triggers.

Automatically text and email Clients through out the sales process

Whether it's after a quote request to capture clients who abandon the form or during follow-up to automatically send your quotes to your clients, a series of text and emails will go out to your clients automatically as different events happen in the system.

Win-back clients who drop in from your sales process

Set a trigger to text and email clients months after they entered into your sales process if you never closed them. Notify your agents via Slack or email about this win-back opportunity while XILO reaches out to them to bring them back into the funnel.

Review the performance of your sales team using sales analytics

Once your team has adopted and is using digital intake forms, you'll be able to see a variety of data points that you can use to make your team more efficient over time. See productivity per rep by assessing how many clients an agent is taking on over a period of time. Assess the ROI of your marketing spend by looking at how many leads are coming in from different sources. Our analytics dashboard is customizable and can be fitted to your company's unique needs upon request.


Put your sales on auto-pilot with sales automations

Return quotes to your referrals faster

Use our customizable workflow builder to add quotes directly into your text and email campaigns to Clients. Respond faster with quotes even when your Clients aren't picking up the phones.

Reduce data entry for your team

Eliminate the need for your sales reps to have to edit and send templated emails and texts to Clients. Automate the process of following up with Clients using our sales automation feature.

Maximize sales performance across all sales reps

Sales automation helps standardize processes across sales reps. From your top performers to your emerging producers, standardize their workflows to improve their performances.

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