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Increase sales by giving clients a better shopping experience

Put sales on auto-pilot and automate the process of completing insurance applications with our Client Portal

How it works

Client requests quote with customer-facing forms

Your Customer Success Manager and our Service Team will build your company custom quote request forms that will be embedded into your website and in all your different marketing channels. Clients will fill these forms out and an agent will be notified once completed.

Clients are sent a link to track the status of their application

Automatically send links to clients once they've submitted their quote request that engages with them and introduces them to your agent. Keep them from shopping by providing updates on when their quote is ready and if your team needs them to complete tasks to finalize their policy.

Send clients multiple quotes across multiple lines of insurance

With a few pieces of information, agents can send multiple quotes to clients for multiple lines of insurance. Upload personal or carrier proposals to give your clients more information to review on their quote. Our system will let them indicate which quotes they're interested in or not and which quotes they want to make changes to.

Complete underwriting requirements and finalize the application

Request documents, additional information, and document signature to finalize the client's policy. Remind clients daily to fulfill their tasks so your agents can focus on revenue-generating tasks and not following up with clients for incomplete tasks.


Keep your Clients from shopping with your competitors

Increase marketing conversions

Increase conversions from the by 2X - 10X. The industry average conversion rates of 5%-10% means 1000 visitors will create 5-10 new leads. Our shopping experiences convert at 30% - 80%.

Reduce data entry for your team

Reduce 95% of data entry needed to quote by integrating quote request data right from your Client's form into your Raters, AMS', and CRMs automatically at the same time.

Maximize marketing performance

Use our custom form builders and marketing analytics features to A/B test different forms in different marketing channels to quickly maximize your ROI in that channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

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