Independent Insurance Agencies Are Under Attack

With 74% of insurance buyers shopping online through an aggregator or US carriers website before buying, independent insurance agencies are under attack.

Digital writers and digital agencies spent $7B in advertising in 2015. They created the ultimate shopping experience for insurance buyers, taking money out of the independent agencies pocket.

The technology they are using is not far out of reach for independent agencies. Independent insurance agencies must tailor their websites around the insurance buyers ultimate shopping experience in order to combat their disruptors. This includes well-designed, clear call-to-actions, a modern user experience that makes filling in sensitive information appear simple and safe and they must provide their website visitors with an estimated quote at the end of the experience.

Independent insurance agencies have three options; They can implement this new flow themselves, spending thousands of dollars to do so. They can not implement this new flow and watch the direct writers and digital agencies take their business over the next 3-5 years, or they can use XILO, the #1 quoting software helping independent insurance agencies convert the next generation of insurance buyers.

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